This is my humble attempt to understand the world and help to improve it.

Starting date: 2019-02-23

I would like to help create mechanisms that enable all humans to form a social supra-organism that is intelligent, sustainable, fare, benevolent and resilient. Or rather, improve the one that we already are.

Ideally, such mechanisms would enable humans to surpass our current limitations, help us to preserve life in our planet and pursue higher challenges

<aside> 🤔 I know how pretencious it sounds. But this project is a mere intention in the mind of one person, a little game, a dream. I know it may not accomplish anything, like countless, much grander efforts have remained useless and unknown throughout the human history. However, I am content with the slight possibility that it may instill interest in others, and that by their aid, something useful and good may be achieved, some time, somewhere.


I invite you to read on. I shall ask you to do the following things to the best of your abilities:

  1. Identify which arguments you think are true (TA) and which are false (FA).
  2. Try to prove TA wrong with evidence, logic and models. Then, build on what is left of TA.
  3. Try to find evidence, logic and models that could support FA. Then, build on what you rescued from FA.
  4. Share with me the outcome of Step 1. Explain to me how you did Step 2 and 3. Challenge me.
  5. Tell others. Ask them to read and think about these ideas. Invite them to do these tasks too.

<aside> 🧐 I am not an expert at anything, except at being an extremely curious generalist. I am sure I am wrong about most of my beliefs and perspectives. This awareness is a good thing, though. I am willing to learn and adjust.

I suspect this disposition will play a crucial role in the analyses and solutions proposed in this or any project. Awareness of our shortcomings is a powerful tool we can use to improve ourselves and our world. It's bootstraping at its best.